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Guaranteed quality with a Regenerated Turbo

New turbo or remanufactured turbo?

Replacing a broken turbine presents us with a very difficult choice: new turbocharger or remanufactured? New turbines have very high costs, sometimes prohibitive for many customers.  With a qualified staff, state-of-the-art instrumentation and an up-to-date warehouse, DIEN offers a wide range of remanufactured turbochargers with the same features as new at a favorable price.

What are the advantages of a DIEN remanufactured turbo?

NOtable savings

Affordable prices compared to a new turbine from the parent company.

as new

Replacement of worn internal parts with new and balanced parts.

fast shipping

Shipping throughout Italy in 24/48 hours after order confirmation.

24-month warranty

Due to the excellent quality of the product, we are sure to give a 24-month warranty.

How is a turbocharger remanufactured?

The first step in this articulated process is disassembly. The turbo is entirely disassembled in order to analyze the internal components to be replaced that are subject to wear and tear. Each individual component is immersed in high temperature water in an ultrasonic tank, finally sandblasting completes the cleaning phase. The turbocharger is reassembled with completely new internal components. Next, the turbocharger is tested and calibrated on special test benches. Flushing and balancing are the tests that verify that the turbocharger’s performance is functioning properly according to the original parameters. A report of the tests is placed inside the package. After this process, the overhauled turbine is ready to be fitted to cars.
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REGENERATION of a TURBO is a complex process and requires great precision and accuracy.

State-of-the-art flux testing

A DIEN remanufactured turbo compressor is virtually as good as new, keeping structure and functionality unchanged, nothing to envy an entirely new turbine. This allows the turbine to return to proper operation and ensure you get optimum fuel economy even after long mileage.
imballaggio turbina rigenerata

Fast shipping throughout Italy

We have a large stock of remanufactured turbines ready for shipment, so that waiting time is significantly reduced.

Professionalism, quality and speed are at the heart of the company’s driving force, which is why we guarantee 24/48-hour delivery throughout Italy.

DIEN, certain of the absolute quality offered on its overhauled turbocharger, offers a 24-month warranty included in the price.

All our services

Our qualified and knowledgeable staff can guarantee a product with high quality standards equal to new.

Withdrawal old turbo

An express courier picks up your old turbo

parameter reset

Based on the factory settings, the turbo is ready to be installed

test report

Related product of workshop test reports


Some rules to follow for a perfect installation

technical assistance

An operator is always available for any information

green friendly

With the turbine regeneration cycle, we respect the environment

the best regeneration for your turbocharger
turbo rotto
old turbo
turbo rigenerato
regenerated turbo

A quick and easy service

Quality and speed, reduced waiting time

free quote

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fast shipping

After confirmation, the turbocharger will be shipped immediately by express courier.

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Always up-to-date warehouse

quality and speed,
reduced waiting times

One of our operators will help you choose the right turbine for your car.
Thanks to a large warehouse, the identified turbo will be shipped immediately by express courier.

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payment on delivery

Express courier shipping.
The couriers by which we ship are different and vary according to the destination area in order to be able to guarantee quick delivery service.

withdrawal of the old turbo

Deliver the old turbocharger to the courier and keep the Regenerate Cycle alive.
This “TURBO EXCHANGE Project” allows us to have an always-stocked warehouse and competitive prices.

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