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Folding solar panel

Solar Folding Panel


  1. Single-crystal solar cells carefully selected to ensure reliable performance.
  2. The solar panel with high conversion efficiency of 22% enables electricity generation in low-flux outdoor environments (>40000 Lux).
  3. The case that holds the plates is made of quality polyester fabric, hand-stitched and has an extra compartment for storing a cell phone.
  4. IP rating: IPX3
The Folding solar panel  provides clean, renewable and cheap electricity.
You can also take it with you on trips to recharge your electronic devices such as cell phone, laptops, camera.
In combination with the solar generator, home appliances.


Energy from solar radiation is converted into electrical energy through the solar panel, and the photovoltaic effect of the solar panel is exploited.
This is the phenomenon whereby light causes a potential difference between different parts of a non-uniform semiconductor or combination of semiconductor and metal.
When sunlight hits a semiconductor called a “PN junction” in a solar panel, a very short wavelength light is easily absorbed within the semiconductor and collides with the “valence electrons” in the silicon atoms, so that the “valence electrons” gain energy and become free electrons and escape the lattice, thus generating an electron flow and forming an electric current.


1. Unfold the product, place it on the ground or open the support bracket and try to orient the solar panel toward the sun;
2. Connect the electronic device to the output port to start charging.


Our company provides customers with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.
Package Contents 1 x Anderson, 1 xMC4-Anderson, 1 x User’s Manual


1. Test conditions:
1.1 Test light intensity: 1000W/

or simulated light source of 38,000 LUX;
1.2 Unless otherwise specified, each test in this user manual shall be performed under the standard atmospheric conditions of the test: temperature: 25℃; relative humidity: %~90%; air quality: AM1.5;
1.3 The accuracy of the voltage measuring instrument shall not be less than 0.5 and the internal resistance shall not be less than 10KΩ/V;
1.4 The accuracy of the current measuring instrument must not be less than 0.5;
1.5 The accuracy of the instrument used for temperature measurement shall not be less than ±1℃.
2. Testing equipment:
2.1 Cell tester;
2.2 Cell tester;
2.3 Solar module tester (curve IV);
2.4 Electronic cargo;
2.5 Illuminance meter;
2.6 Simulated light source (tungsten halogen lamp).
3. Reliability testing:
3.1 Aging test: Under daylight conditions, the energy storage unit is fully charged for one week and has no operating problems;
3.2 Charging test: the energy accumulator can be fully charged and recharged in natural light;
3.3 Drop test: Bare metal is dropped naturally from a height of 0.5 meters onto four sides of the concrete floor, once on each side;
3.4 Anti-splash test: the surface of the tarp is tilted 10 degrees, and water is sprayed onto the surface of the tarp with a cup to form water droplets that fall naturally;
Screen printing alcohol resistance test: a cotton cloth soaked in alcohol is used, wrapped around a 100 g French dock and rubbed 500 times at a rate of 30-40 times per second (back and forth), without exposing the substrate or stripping the paint.
1. This product does not have a built-in battery and cannot store electricity.
The charging effect will be better when the weather is sunny, while the efficiency will be compromised on cloudy days or in the shade of trees;
2. Do not forcefully tighten the solar panel, otherwise it will be easily damaged;
3. Do not put the product in water or get it wet;
4. When using it, try to make the folding solar panel and the sunlight have vertical irradiation, so as to improve the absorption of sunlight by the solar panel;
5. Keep the surface of the solar panel clean to avoid impairing the absorption of sunlight by the solar panel;
6. Try to ensure that the light on each solar panel is uniform;
7. Do not throw away discarded solar panels.

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